Share habits with friends

SnapHabit is not just another habit tracker. Discover, build and grow while motivating your friends and family.

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The only app that lets you...

Create group habits

Invite friends to join you on your workout, fasting or meditation journey.

Track unlimited habits, free

No ads, and no hidden costs.

Share with who you want

Keep habits private, share your progress or invite friends to join.

You can try the app right here!

Why we're different

Share photos and notes each day

Add daily descriptions for yourself or others to see.


SnapHabit automatically generates graphs to help you recognize your progress over time.

Configurable Schedules

Set your habits as daily, weekly or for specific days.

Rebuild your routine

An app can't solve all problems, but empowering you to maintain relationships & care for yourself is a good place to start.

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